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About NC-121

Charlotte Senior Squadron

The North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol consists of over 30 squadrons and is within the Mid-Atlantic Region along with South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, and the Capital.  Within the State of North Carolina, the NC Wing is attached to the Department of Public Safety. 

The Charlotte Senior Squadron was chartered on 19 July 2011 and has met at the Concord-Padgett Regional Airport since Day 1.  NC-121 is one of only two Senior Squadrons within North Carolina and is comprised of senior members (adults over 18 years old) from a variety of backgrounds and professions.  We do not have a cadet program but instead focus on air search & rescue training and missions.  The squadron has one aircraft assigned to the unit for missions and training, a Cessna 182T Nav III (G1000) and fly roughly 30 hours a month for training, proficiency, cadet orientation flights, and actual missions. 

The men and women of our squadron are trained in several areas of Emergency Services including aircrew, ground team, Incident Command and Point of Distribution (POD). 

The primary missions the squadron trains for and engage in are:

· Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) Searches

· Homeland Security Missions

· US Army Airfield Operation Battalion Joint Training

· Post-disaster Aerial Photography

· Ground Search and Rescue

· Community Disaster Response

Only a small percentage of our members are pilots.  Non-pilots are essential for our taskings and we provide the training for them to become aircrew members should they desire to serve in those missions.

NC-121 also dedicates resources to another CAP mission, Aerospace Education, by primarily supporting airport tours, aerospace education events, local ROTC units, and neighboring CAP cadet squadrons through Cadet Orientation Flights and ground schools.

Within the squadron, members are assigned duties and responsibilities to support the squadron and the mission.  Squadron members can select from several professional responsibilities including Command, Safety , Emergency Services, Operations, Logistics, Finance, Public Affairs, and others.

You can find our most current activities published on Facebook.

Prospective members should know that CAP is not a flying club or a social club, but a professional community service volunteer organization.  If you are seriously interested in applying your interest in aerospace while serving your community, state and country, NC-121 may be right for you.  See our JOIN section for more info on the requirements for joining CAP and NC-121.

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